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The journey for these young men started due to all three band members having an interest in music and most importantly, all had the same hunger for Jesus. Back in high school, just when they were teens, the three and a few other friends formed this bond with music. Always eager to listen to new sounds, they would pack in a car and listen to music before school.

Their name, DATALIT, means light to darkness, but in time, they gave it their own definition, DATA=info, LIT=illuminate, DATALIT. As through the years and struggles, they each were having revelations of what God had in store for them. The love of music, praise and worship, and the hunger for God.

Their have been countless testimonies that have been shared where a broken soul who listened or heard their music made decisions to not take their life, or to be saved, or to give their hearts and lives to God. For instance, Anna says, ‘ Listening to Datalit had me avoid taking my life. Their music is an inspiration to a lot of people that don’t fit in ’.

Previous venues they have performed at are: The RAVE, UWM, Parkway Church, Alas High School in their own backyard, Milwaukee, and Cup of Joy in neighboring Green Bay, WI.

With Ryan as lead vocal and bass player, Josh, on guitar, and Stevie on drums, the goal is to create what they were destined to create, help who they were destined to help. They want to be in position for miraculous things to happen to people and places through music.

Ryan R.
Ryan R.Bass & Vocals
Stevie M.
Stevie M.Drums
Josh F.
Josh F.Lead Guitar